Is gout related to my diet?

Yes. Purine rich foods and alcohol can contribute to a rise in blood uric acid levels and contribute to gout and it's symptoms. Gout is a metabolic disorder that ingestion of certain foods can aggravate. Avoiding moderate and high purine rich foods may help keep the onset of gout symptoms at bay.
Yes. Gout is related to uric acid. Alcohol and meats can raise uric acid levels. Ben franklin, a famous gout sufferer realized this and attributed his gout to the rich foods that he liked.
Gout diet. Gout IS influenced by diet. Optimal diet. Take in tart cherry juice +tart cherries, 20/day. Add Lemon extract 4 tblspns/day. Avoid alcohol, animal fats, organ meats, anchovies, sardines, tuna, salmon, and shellfish. Limit other meats to 4 oz/day. Avoid high fructose corn syrup containing drinks and foods. Add egg whites, quinoa, soy as protein. Eat lots of citrus fruit and veggies. Drink 3 L /day.
Yes. Gout is caused by elevation in uric acid, a natural by-product of certain foods and drinks (such as alcohol, high-fructose drinks, red meat, organ meats, and others). Uric acid can also be elevated by medicines and certain diseases. These foods can cause gout flares within days of eating them. Limiting these can reduce frequency of gout, as can adding low-fat dairy or vitamin c.