How does the eye direct light onto the fovea centralis?

Cornea and Lens. Both these structures bend the light so that it focuses the light ideally on the fovea. Glasses are used to help get the light perfectly focused on the fovea if the cornea and lens don't naturally.

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Is fovea centralis one of the important parts of the eye?

Fovea. The macula is small central portion of the retina. The center of the macula is the fovea centralis, an area where all of the photoreceptors are cones; there are no rods in the fovea. The fovea is the point of sharpest, most acute visual acuity. This is where we are able to perceive color. Certain conditions can affect the macula and, in turn, one’s central vision. Macular degeneration is one. Read more...