If I have carpal tunnel syndrome is it permanent?

No. Standard therapy for carpal tunnel is: 1) night splints, 2) anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen or naproxen, 3) avoidance of the repetitive activities that caused the carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes, we inject steroids into the area of the carpal tunnel. Failing these treatments, we usually recommend a surgery called carpal tunnel release. In most cases, your symptoms will resolve.
It is if you. Do not treat it. The effects of untreated cts can be permanent loss of sensation, permanent loss of strength in the muscles of the thumb. This is why one treats sympotms of cts.
If it goes too long. While the initial symptoms of carpal tunnel are reversible with relief of pressure on the nerve (either through splinting, therapy, or surgery), if it is allowed to go on for too long the deficits can become permanent. For this reason, if it looks as if surgery will be required eventually i recommend getting it as soon as possible.