Can I still play tennis if I have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes. As a fellow tennis player with carpal tunnel syndrome, I still play quite a bit. However, I would recommend precautions, such as taping/bandaging up the wrist and/or wearing a wrist brace for support. I actually do both, and this has helped me to continue playing tennis.
Yes. Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome results in pain and discomfort from repetitive movements. It does not limit you from any activity, including tennis.

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Could you still play sports like tennis if you have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes but... If you have carpal tunnel in your serving wrist, playing may worsen the symptoms. You can play, but you may worsen the symptoms and the nerve compression. Even tight gripping with the opposite hand may contribute to more stress and strain on the flexor tendons around the nerve and make symptoms worse there, too. See a hand surgeon if your symptoms are not getting better.
Yes. Tennis does not typically aggravate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you find the symptoms are getting worse after you play I would recommend limiting the amount of tennis.

My friend had carpal tunnel and has stopped playing tennis, because she thinks the best thing to do is rest it. Are there other things she can do?

Neurology/PT/splint. There are many approaches to the management of median nerve compression. Conservative measures include using a wrist splint and working with physical therapy. Your friend should see a neurologist to help with evaluation and management. Http://www. Nlm. Nih. Gov/medlineplus/carpaltunnelsyndrome. Html.
Carpal tunnel. Symptoms can come and go for a long time until the frequency increases. No one can predict how long that may be but in situations where the episodes of symptoms are increasing in frequency or severity some treatment is needed. Often we think if we stop activity will be better but the benefits are short lived. Wearing a wrap or splint may help. Ice and OTC medications that can be tolerated.
Capral tunnel sports. Jogging, swimming, walking should be ok. She should wear wrist splints at night if the diagnosis is correct. Weight lifting and tennis may make the sensation worse. If the diagnosis is not certain, tendonitis is also possible.

Might I possibly have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome from playing guitar hero?

Carpal tunnel. Prolonged wrist flexion can contribute. This in concert with forceful finger flexion may aggravate the contents if the carpal canal and lead to carpal tunnel.
Yes. Anything that causes forceful repetitive tasks with the wrists in an abnormal position can.

Is it possible to get carpal tunnel syndrome from playing lots of guitar hero?

Yes. Repetitive use of hands can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
Anything is possible. The development of carpal tunnel symptoms include many factors. Genetics is one of them. However, certain activities that require the hand and wrist to be in the flexed position while the tendons are moving within the carpal tunnel can cause irritation of the median nerve (the nerve involved in carpal tunnel syndrome) both directly and indirectly through local swelling.

Can you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by learning to play an instrument?

No. Motion and use do not "prevent" carpal tunnel... And they may not necessarily worsen the symptoms either. Weight control, smoking cessation and good nutrition are important lifestyle issues that can prevent problmes.
No, it cannot. While there are benefits to playing a musical instrument in terms of maintaining flexibility and dexterity of the hands, it does not provide any sort of protection against the development of carpal tunnel.
Unknown. Three interestingly definite answers from my colleagues there. I know of no scientific studies of the question so the real answer is that we don't know. Did you have a particular instrument in mind? Instruments that can be played with a straight wrist will be less likely to aggravate CTS on theoretical grounds.

Can carpal tunnel syndrome from playing the piano?

CTS. Yes. Anything that can lead to flexortenosynovitis (swelling about the flexor tendons) could potentially lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
Unlikely. Carpal tunnel syndrome is numbness of the median nerve caused by compression of the nerve at the wrist. Most of the time we do not know what is causing the compression. No activity has been proven to actually cause the problem.

Could I have gotten cpt/carpal tunnel syndrome from playing the piano?

Carpal Tunnel Risk. You may be at a greater risk of delevoping carpal tunnel with any frequent, repetitive movement. Some people will go their whole working life with no symptoms of carpal tunnel. While others in less repetitive careers will develop the condition.
Most who play piano. Do not get carpal tunnel. I think it is because most learn proper mechanics and technique. Centruries of piano players have helped refine what I needed to be successful. While one can develop carpal tunnel and be someone who plays piano, piano is likley not the cause.