I want to know if there are any natural remedies or nutritional support for the skin psoriasis?

Numerous tried, help. Psoriasis-an autoimmune disorder involving outer layers of skin which heap up into itchy, nasty silvery plaquess, occur almost anywhere on body. Everything has been tried:apple vinegar dip; warm olive oil in scalp; liquid aspirin; aloe, cortisones, tar shampoos; epsom salts, mineral oil, spices. Plastic wrap concentrates up to 10x (caution). Genetics, emotions, stressful life periods all play role.
Propolis. Propolis helps psoriasis - in addition do skin detox learn about ionithermie.

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Are any natural remedies or nutritional support for the skin condition psoriasis?

None that work. In 30 years of practice, I have yet to find a single "natural" remedy that is effective for psoriasis. But there are lots of legitimate options, from topical steroids to vitamin d derivatives to ultraviolet light to methotrexate, cyclosporine, the biologic drugs, and many others. A lot depends on severity, the areas involved, and how you feel about it. See a dermatologist.

Any natural remedies or nutritional support psoriasis?

Zinc & Biotin. Sun! Both have been shown to be depleted by the rapid dermal/epidermal transit in pts with psoriasis. More zinc is utilized in the skin than any other organ. Biotin helps with scaliness and desquamation. I recommend 100mg of zinc gluconate and 7500mcg of biotin per day. Sunlight in moderation helps clear psoriasis, but getting sunburned can cause it to flare.
Not really. Biotin and zinc have inconclusive evidence to support oral use to treat psoriasis. Zinc may have some topical benefit. Sunlight is noted to be helpful as are other forms of radiation treatment and immunosuppresive (suppress immune function) medications, but they may cause other problems.
Factors include vitD. Psoriasis: areas rapid skin cell turnover; can deplete folate, zinc (at least locally in affected tissue) among others, high fat intake, esp omega 6 (land fat) can increase infl. Omega 3 (marine fat) may help decrease. Check vitamin d level: often is low, and supplementation can help (has been used as med, one reason why uv rx and sun exposure helps). Careful taking zinc-interacts w/other mineral.