Can acupuncture help ease my carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes. Acupuncture is worth a try! Carpal tunnel symptoms may be due to inflammation, but what your doctor may not tell you is that carpal tunnel symptoms may also be due to other issues such as b vitamin deficiencies or low thyroid function (regardless of normal thyroid levels). Make sure you have these investigated before binding yourself with wrist splints or having surgery!
Yes. There is limited evidence in the medical literature, but at least one recent study shows that acupuncture is at least as effective as steroid injection for mild/moderate carpal tunnel syndrome. Depending on your symptoms and goals, acupuncture could be an effective, low-risk treatment for symptom relief.
Yes. Acupuncture can relieve the symptoms from carpal tunnel syndrome. My technique requires only one needle placed under the ligament.
Unproven. There is only one fairly high quality RCT demonstrating a positive effect from acupuncture (with a follow-up study by the same authors (Yang et al 2009 and 2011). This is not enough evidence to make a call. Most of the patients I meet who have tried it say that it didn't help but if done by a reputable practitioner it is probably a harmless experiment (except to your wallet)

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How to treat carpal tunnel syndrome with acupuncture

Could be of help. There are many different approaches to treat cts. Once an accurate diagnosis is made by a physician, the range of treatment includes splinting, occupational therapy, exercise, ergonomic modifications to minimize repetitive strain and injury, acupuncture, local injections and surgery. Acupuncture in conjunction with strategies to minimize repetitive injury can be helpful if mild or moderate.
Some success. There are individuals who do experience relief of carpal tunnel syndrome under the treatment of an experienced practitioner. This is not traditionally explained by western medicine.

What can I might to ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Hand specialist. Pain meds of course, perhaps pyridoxine supplements, or even a wrist brace. More persistent might be local steroid injection, or even an arthroscopic surgical decompression as an outpatient. A good hand specialist can help immensely, and an ot who specializes can relieve symptoms.
Splint. A night splint, vitamin b6 and over the counter anti-inflammatory meds.

What can I do for carpal tunnel syndrome?

See http://rearmyour. See http://rearmyourselftexas. Com/specialties/hand/carpal-tunnel-syndrome/.
Splints, ansaids (flurbiprofen) There may be an activity you are doing that is exacerbating your symtoms, night splints, arthritis type meds, cortisone shots in the carpal tunnel given by your doctor. However the best treatment would be a thorough evaluation by your specialist as to the cause of the problem then you would not be wasting your time on other treatments that may not work. Surgery is last resort.
Treatment carpal. Treatment for carpal tunnel can range from conservative to surgical. Antiinflammatory medication, splints to start. Injections in the wrist. Nerve studies and posbily surgery. Carpal tunnel release can be done open or endoscopic. A hand surgeon can help. Http://www. Handctr. Com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-q-a.html.
Splints, surgery. The most common treatments for cts are wrist splints that typically are worn at night, anti inflammatory medications, some advocate steroid injections, and if the symptoms persist, a carpal tunnel release surgery. Surgery typically has a very good success rate.

How can I diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome?

Physical exam. Numbness in the thumb, index, middle, and radial ring fingers. Weakness of the thenar eminence muscles, loss of dexterity, and loss of strength also occur. Numbness that awakens you at night indicates possible carpal tunnel syndrome. Tests include nerve conduction studies, and physical exam with phalen's, tinel's, and Durkin's signs being assessed. See a Hand Surgeon.

How to deal with my carpal tunnel syndrome?

Behavioral mod. Keys are nighttime splinting, behavioral modification, icing, anti-inflammatories and avoiding receptive use and vibratory tool use. Seek care with hand surgeon.
Varies. If it is mild, a splint can be worn at night. If it is severe, surgery can be required.

Can you please explain carpal tunnel syndrome?

Nerve pain in wrist. There is a space (carpal tunnel) in the wrist area where the median nerve passes through to innervate the 5th, 4th and the lateral half of middle fingers; when this nerve is compressed at the level of this area (the carpal tunnel), probably due to overuse, typing, prolong use of keyboard, one can develop sharp, burning and tingling sensation on the affected hand and fingers (carpal tunnel syndrome).
Nerve compression. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. This nerve provides motor and sensory function to the thumb, index, middle fingers and half of the ring finger. Therefore patients with carpal tunnel syndrome will develop pain, numbness and tingling in the distribution of this nerve.
Nerve compression. Http://www. Handctr. Com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-q-a.html median nerve compression at the wrist gives numbness in the blue area and loss of muscle function in the large muscle of the thumb.
Carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a situation when there is compression of the median nerve inside the wrist. The median nerve supplies sensation to the tips of the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger. This can result in numbness, tingling, or sometimes weakness of certain movements.
Pinched nerve. It is a pinched nerve in the hand inside a tunnel called the carpal tunnel which contains 9 tendons and one nerve. The roof of the tunnel is the transverse carpal ligament that thickens with time. It is that ligament that is cut during surgery to release the compression.

How do I know if I have carpal tunnel syndrome?

While. While wrist pain can be associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, the more common symptom is numbness in the thumb, index and long fingers. To find out exactly what is going on, I would recommend that you see a hand surgeon.