Does carpal tunnel syndrome mean I can't use the computer?

No. Carpal tunnel syndrome results from repetive stress injury involving the wrist. This can be a result of common work-related activities such as typing at a computer. Often these symptoms can be relieved by the use of ergonomic keyboards, changing the positioning of the keyboard relative to the work environment and using alternative input devices to interface with a computer.
No. Absolutely not. You can still use a computer. Your doctor, however, will teach you about special exercises to do, may prescribe a brace, or coach you on when to take breaks to mitigate the pain caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome.

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I use the computer frequently when I come home. What are the symptoms of cubital (not carpal) tunnel syndrome?

Numbness, pain. The same numbness and pain seem with carpal tunnel syndrome is similar to cubital tunnel, just where it is located is different. Cubital tunnel effects the small and ulnar half of the small finger, while carpal tunnel affects the other digits. Additionally, since cubital tunnel is typically caused by the ulner nerve, patients may have pain at the elbow not traditionally seen with carpal tunnel.

Can you please tell me if I will be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome if I choose a career in computer science?

Carpal Tunnel Risk. You may be at a greater risk of delevoping carpal tunnel with any frequent, repetitive movement. Some people will go their whole working life with no symptoms of carpal tunnel. While others in less repetitive careers will develop the condition. I recommend an ergonomic evaluation of your work place to help decrease the risk of developing the condition.

Can you really prevent carpal tunnel syndrome for avid computer users?

Yes! Check your set up: elbows bent 90 degrees, wrists straight. Take breaks every 20 minutes (vary your activity, do something else). How long do you work on a computer or text without taking a break? Imagine hopping on one foot for that long! You might get sore or tired really fast. Same goes for our wrists. Good luck.
Yes. Agree with dr. Yep. Make a paradigm shift: think about yourself like an athlete. No matter what the sport, even highly trained athletes don't just get to the ball park and start to play. They warm up, they stretch, they take breaks as needed. And none of them are playing for as long as a typical worker works each day i.E 8 hours or more.

What can give you carpal tunnel on left hand/had since 10yrs old/right handed /don't type on computer much/ don't think right diagnosis/what else?

Many Things can. Cause it. For me, it was my watch. I'm right handed wore my watch on my left hand. Stopped wearing my went away. Sometimes it can be an internal problem not external where tissue scarred down or a vein is to large etc etc....and it puts pressure on a nerve. The diagnosis if made by Emg/NCV would be correct.
Another cause that. I've seen is Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Pressure Palsy (HNPP), an Autosomal Dominant Hereditary Motor & Sensory Neuropathy caused by mutation in 1 copy of the PMP-22 gene on Chromosome 17p11.2. Symptoms can start as early as age 8. It's diagnosed by specific genetic testing. Nerve conduction velocities may be abnormal. Does mom/dad have numbness, fatigue or weakness in an arm or leg?

Dr. Said pinched nerve was causing numbness in thumb and pain up and down arm. More pronounced with computer work. Suspect carpal tunnel. Difference?

C6 radiculopathy. Although carpal tunnel can clearly affect function and feeling of the thumb causing radiating pain up the limb as well- the MOST common neurological phenomenon seen as isolated THUMB symptoms (whether pain or numbness) with pain radiating up limb would be a C6 radiculopathy. Tell me what the EMG/NCV study shows. Wanna chat? Write me at: www. Healthtap. Com/dr-saghafi.

I'm a medical asst- bps and computer work. My right hand is super crampy and painful, some wrist pain. Carpal tunnel? Ortho or pcp? Thanks :)

Likely CTS. Best to see hand md for latest new rx, but could try ergonomics at work and splint at night.
? Carpal Tunnel. R handed? Worse during sleep? Any tingling or numbness? Start w. A carpal tunnel splint (the one w. The metal), nsaids, wrist/fingers stretching ; if no improvement talk to your dr. Due to your medical hx.