Have had bypass surgery and still have pain in the left side of chest, should doctor be concerned?

Things could come. I would be concern because the same problem could come back as before surgery, other thing should be considered like chest wall pain, gastrointestinal pain and gallbladder problems.

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I have had bypass surgery and still have sharp pain in the left side of chest. What are my options?

May not be cardiac. Not all pains in the chest are from the heart. Muscle, bones (ribs), pleura/lung, nerves (i.e. Shingles), esophagus and sometimes stomach problems can cause chest pain. Sharp pains in general are also considered "atypical" or unusual pain for a cardiac cause. See your physician for an evaluation to make sure it is not cardiac and then search for other causes.
You have options. How long ago was surgery? If in past six months, could be a rib fracture (see chest radiograph), could be from sternal retractor, could be a costal neuralgia (damaged intercostal nerve. These are potential complications that do occur not infrequently. A rib fracture will resolve, a nerve problem may be treated by a pain doctor with good success. Talk to your surgeon.