What are the odds of trisomy 18 with 4 cysts, short finger and a cleft lip/palate?

Odds Not Great. The symptoms given can be found with several congenital chromosomal anomalies & do not point specifically to Trisomy 18. Palatal cleft is more commonly seen with Trisomy 13, Short fingers are commonly seen with Trisomy 21. Type of "cysts" is not given. Each Trisomy has reconizable features but there is overlap. A detailed exam by Pediatrician or Geneticst is needed to assess these findings.

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My baby will have a Microarray analysis b/c he was born with a cleft lip/palate. Doc also noticed upslanting & epicanthal folds. Will test detect DS?

Yes. Your concern is Down's and this will be detected with a chromosomal analysis The condition is caused by an extra chromosome #21. Looking for this is now routine and will answer the question for you. Read more...