How much genotropin (human growth hormone) are you supposed to take each day?

Dose range. If you have gh deficiency as an adult there is a dose range your endocrinologist will know. Igf-1 levels, other labs, and clinical history go into titration of gh.

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How many times a week should I take a 1mg/0.25ml genotropin (human growth hormone) (hgh) injection? My growth plates are 95 percent closed and I am a 17 years old boy.

Who prescribed it? I'm sure that any physician offering free advice to a perfect stranger will answer with me: this is a question for your endocrinologist. He or she prescribes according to a complex algorithm involving your underlying diagnosis, fusion of epiphyses, growth curve, and response to treatment. If you need another opinion--which is understandable--see a qualified specialist, who can review your case.

Where I can get genotropin (human growth hormone)?

Endocrinologist. Endocrinologists care for adult patients with gh deficiency. A prescription for hgh, based on careful evaluation of a gh deficient patient, is usually submitted to a specialty pharmacy (at least in western pa this is how it's done). In western pa none of the hgh preparations are available through regular pharmacies.

Genotropin (human growth hormone) growth hormones shorts, what is this?

Growth hormone. Genotropin (human growth hormone) is growth hormone and is indicated in children with growth hormone deficiency to help them grow. It has much less of a role in adults, but can sometimes be helpful in adults who have had pituitary disease and have very low somatomedin C levels.

What are the effects of genotropin (human growth hormone) growth hormone?

Children or adults? Clearly the stigma of "shortness" is ever present. But in children, approval is given when there is a deficiency of growth hormone measured by a provocative test. Adults with growth hormone deficit, secondary to head trauma or pituitary surgery are candidates as well, but the amount given is much less, since their bone growth plates are closed. Diabetic problems are not scene in european registries.

How long will my mixed genotropin (human growth hormone) 36iu pen survive at 16 degrees celsius, if avoiding direct light?

Up to 1 month. Check out http://www. News-medical. Net/drugs/genotropin. Aspx (for australia) but same drug. Store your Genotropin (human growth hormone) (mixed or unmixed) in the refrigerator at 2-8°c. It is also possible to store your unmixed Genotropin (human growth hormone) outside the refrigerator, but under 25°c, for one month as long as the expiry date has not passed. It must not be frozen or heated above 25°c.

Is genotropin (human growth hormone) good for adult bodybuilders?

Growth hormone. Growth hormone only helps if growth hormone is low. High levels of growth hormone creates a dangerous condition with obesity, heart and blood glucose problems. It has actually been studied for use in healing injuries and did no better than placebo.
No and illegal. It won't help, no matter what you read in magazines and the internet. It's also very expensive, by injection only, and only available legally by prescription from a physician - who could be sued for malpractice if they prescribe it without first determining that you are growth hormone deficient. The stuff in stores that is supposed to stimulate growth hormone -- doesn't. Another waste of money.

How can I get prescribed genotropin (human growth hormone) or any growing steroid?

Get tested! Hi. What makes you think you need GH or an anabolic steroid? This does't sound legitimate at face value since you request GH OR an anabolic steroid (unrelated compounds targeting different metabolic pathways!). Illegitimate use makes it hard for everyone! Don't expect an honest & caring doctor to prescribe you drugs that can have seriously adverse effects on your health so you look pretty & buff!