What are the health benefits of male and female circumcision?

Different. For men, circumcision may be beneficial in reducing the risk of HIV/ other STD's, and other infections like urine infections. It also helps prevent the spread of HPV, which can cause penile and cervical cancer. There are risks to the surgery, such as infection. For women, there are no benefits, and when it's done it is often in unsanitary situations that can result in lifelong pain.
Some basics. Ancient circs were a single long slit that prevented the foreskin from ever forming a tourniquet & amputating the tip of the penis. Modern circs (foreskin removal) will do the same but adds decreased UTI's , risk of STD & penile cancer. There is no structure on a female like a foreskin. Female circs originated as a practice to reduce possible promiscuity in servile women. It is barbaric abuse.
Must understand... There is a fundamental difference between circumcision in males and females. For males, it is the removal of the foreskin. This may increase sexual sensitivity and reduce infections but in any case does not affect quality of life. For females, it is the removal of the clitoris and the surrounding skin. This permanently affects the ability to have sex and is usually performed as a form of control.