I have a transplanted kidney. My CMV test is positive. What are the next steps?

Treatment is needed. A positive CMV PCR test in itself doesn't mean a patient is sick from a CMV infection, but most centers will treat that patient preemptively, before symptoms occur. CMV infections can be serious and can involved most the organs in the body. Treatment typically involves at least 3 months of anti-viral medications.

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What happens with a transplanted kidney if you have cmv?

Hopefully nothing... CMV is one of the most common viral infections after transplant. The virus is often found in the blood (causing weakness, fever) and can also affect tissues such as the gastrointestinal tract and lungs. Sometimes, CMV may directly affect the kidney and its function. With proper therapy (which usually includes intravenous anti-viral medicine), CMV infection can often be treated successfully. Read more...