What are the effects of gonorrhea on postmenopausal women and women with their tubes tied?

Still serious. Because your tubes are tied, you can't become infertile. But that's the only difference. The infection can still get up into the uterus and maybe part of your tubes (depending on where exactly they were tied), causing fever and pain. Gonorrea bacteria can get in the blood, causing systemic infection with a kind of arthritis and even life-threatening heart infections. Don't take it lightly!

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Do health consequences result from gonorrhea on postmenopausal women/ women with their tubes tied? If so, what are they?

See below. Same as a postmenopausea women without tubes tied. Vaginits or vaginosis, uti, skin infections, vaginal discharge, concommitant infection with chlamydia etc etc. See you physician. Also at risk for other std's so have it checked out. Read more...