Is flutamide good for hirsutism tratement?

It's good. Flutamide is still relatively new, but its quite effective and also quite expensive. For women wanting or at-risk to get pregnant it may not be a good choice..

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Has anyone tried flutamide with sucess for hirsutism tratement?

Yes. Flutamide is a type of anti-androgen that blocks the affect of male hormones on the tissues themselves. It is generally not considered a first line drug of choice, (spironolactone/aldactone is), is a bit more expensive and really requires an occasional follow-up of liver blood tests. Otherwise, it can work quite well, especially with the combination of a hormonal pill/patch or vaginal ring.
Yes. I am a male physician, so I have not tried it for my personal use, but I have treated hundereds of women succesfully with flutamide.