Can flarex (fluorometholone) cause some vision loss?

Yes. Flarex (fluorometholone) is a steroid eye drop and it can cause glaucoma and cataract. Both of these conditions can cause decrease vision.

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Flarex (fluorometholone) caused some vision loss?

Steroid eye drops. Flarex (fluorometholone) is a mild topical eye steroid, used primarily to treat inflammatory conditions such as iritis. As with all topical steroids, it can cause blurred vision after several doses, and if used long enough (typically months or longer), can lead to cataract formation. Elevated eye pressure from chronic steroid use can also cause permanent vision loss. See your eye doctor immediately. Read more...

Flarex (fluorometholone) caused some vision loss, what to do?

Problems . A careful consultation by an ophthalmologist would be imperative. Flarex™ is a topical ocular steroid that has important potential side effects, one of which is steroid induced glaucoma, an irreversible form of blindness. Another one is steroid induced cataract, which is a reversible form of vision loss. An ophthalmologist will evaluate and treat accordingly. . Read more...