Breastfeeding n using arm implant as brith control I haven been cramping for the past days could I be pregnant or is it a side effect from the implant?

Implants for bc. Implants are progesterone and this hormone can cause lack of periods or occasional periods. The birth control comes from its effect on the lining of the womb, making it inhospitable to a fertilized egg. However, occasional periods and therefore infrequent pregnancy can occur. Get a serum HCG pregnancy test to be certain.
Likely neither. Pregnancies are very very rare on the Nexplanon Implant which is one of the most effective birth control methods. You can certainly check a home pregnancy test if concerned. Cramping is not a side effect of Nexplanon. Cramping is most likely to be related to the intestines, colon, appendix, bladder, ovaries, tubes or uterus. Schedule a visit for evaluation.