I accidentally removed my nuvaring after 2weeks. So should I still expect a cycle? I'm supposed to put a new ring in on friday which is in two days.

Nuva Ring. One may get bleeding after removal of Nuva ring called withdrawal bleeding. It may be beneficial to wait for a period to come and then start a fresh cycle to place a new Nuva ring. There is a possibility of pregnancy in the meantime due to not having any protection.
Nuvaring. Nuvaring has progesterone contained within, which can produce irregular cycles, secondary to the progesterone effect. If you ovulate this month (you may not: everyone does not have ovulation occur every month while on Nuvaring) your period will arrive about two weeks to the day after ovulation.
Accidentally? Off nuvaring for 2 weeks? Flow occurs when hormone levels drop after removal of ring.You may not have had much lining build up so could have limited shedding. If no risk of current pregnancy go ahead and restart the ring. If unsure do home preg test. Use condoms for backup, and write the date of insertion and removal on a calender to remind yourself of schedule to limit repeat of the problem.
Nuvaring out. Any disruption in hormones can alter your normal cycle. You may have some spotting or menstrual-type bleeding.