Been on bed rest for few months. When standing still im ok but walking I get dizzy/lightheaded especially turning around/looking down. Normal?

Please clarify. What's not normal is being on bed rest for few months. Please repost your question and include an explanation of WHY you have been on bed rest for few months. I have a suspicion it's relevant.

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Was on bed rest few months. I have began to stand up but walking, turning body, looking down I get lightheaded/dizzy. That normal after bed rest?

Yes. We put women who have pregnancy induced hypertension on bed rest to lower their blood pressure. We have receptors in our neck called baroreceptors that raise our blood pressure when we are upright. In some people, especially the elderly, these don't work well and it takes longer for their blood pressure to reset when they stand up. Read more...

Can laying down to much cause you to feel dizzy light headed when u get up n walk around. Doing a lot of bed rest. C diff?

Yes. Prolonged inactivity can lead to deconditioning and reduced sympathetic tone so that blood that pools in the large veins of legs and pelvis isn't squeezed rapidly into the circulatory system when standing up so that the blood pressure drops causing lightheadedness. Blood pressure meds a major cause, also dehydration. C diff causes diarrhea. Read more...