When should your get facial fillers like restalyn vs chemical peel?

Fillers vs Peels. Using facial fillers also called a "liquid facelift" essentially uses fillers and botox/dysport to restore the volume of your face lost by the aging process. It does not take the place of a facelift but beneficiallly adds to the final result. Some of the fillers used include jeuvederm, sculptra, radiesse, restylane, (dermal fillers) voluma and others. Chemical peels make the skin smoother, less wrinkled.
Filler vs peel. It is really up to you. Both can be used to treat wrinkles but the procedures are very different. Have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Not a problem. Chemical or laser peels are often combined with filler injections like restylane (dermal fillers). There is no reason to not combine them. So go ahead!
They are different. Facial fillers such as Radiesse, (dermal fillers) Voluma, Juvederm and Expression are for lifting sunken tissues or adding contour and shape. This is very different than a chemical peel that is best for lines of the face and pigment changes. The former products, fillers, are more predicable in the hands of a surgeon who is an artist. www.artofplasticsurgery.com.
Different. Restylane (dermal fillers) is a volumizer and filler great for filling deep lines and wrinkles chemical peels are skin rejuvenation great for improving the quality of your skin.