Can laser eye surgery really cure eye disorders?

Yes. There are certain disorders that affect the front surface of the cornea and a laser can ablate (remove) that surface. Disorders include superficial corneal scars, anterior stromal dystrophies and recurrent erosions.

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Can laser eye surgery cure eye disorders?

Several. Lasers are used extensively in medicine. In ophthalmology they are used across many fields. In refractive surgery they are used to make cataract surgery safer and to help rid young adults of eyeglasses. In glaucoma we use them to prevent blindness in open and closed glaucoma. In retina disease we use lasers to prevent blindness in diabetic retinopathy, ocular strokes, and repair retinal holes.

Do most patients achieve 20/20 vision after laser eye surgery? I'm considering laser eye surgery. As far as I know, the only problem with my eyes is nearsightedness, and there is no history of glaucoma or other eye disorders in my family. Is there a good

Yes, . Yes, depending on the technique you can achieve 20/20 or better uncorrected vision in most cases. Most studies achieve this benchmark in 90-95% of patients. I personally had intralase lasik on my own eyes 4 years ago and still have a 20/10 result (about 3 lines better than 20/20). Provided you are a good candidate and willing to tolerate a small chance of surgical complications then the surgery results are quite good. For full disclosure, individual results do vary for many different reasons which your surgeon can discuss with you. I have no financial interests in intralase technology or any other refractive company. Best regards, jc.
20/20. Most patients are corrected to 20/ 20 vision. There are pre- lasik tests that need to be measured to make sure you are a good candidate for lasik.
Yes. Most myopic patients achieve 20/20 after lasik. High myopia and high degrees of astigmatism may reduce the probability of getting 20/20.

Is it possible for laser eye surgery to cure astigmatism?

Yes. However it depends on whether the astigmatism is caused by a misshaped cornea, or is coming from the lens inside the eye.

Hi, I have a prick like feeling in my right eye every once in a while, normally when I look to he left suddenly or something similar. I had laser eye surgery about 2 years ago and I am pretty sure it is not related to that. How can I cure this problem and

Eye pain. You don't mention how long these symptoms have been going on but when there is pain involved in your eye you need to see an eye doctor. There are things called floaters in the eye. They are common and not a problem but they're not associated with pain. Please make an appointment with an eye doctor.

Does laser eye surgery really improve eyesight?

Yes. Lasers are tools that your eye surgeon uses to treat many different eye problems. Laser done for nearsightedness and farsightedness should reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Laser eye surgery for glaucoma and retinal diseases is needed to stabilize and prevent deterioration of your ocular health.
Not really. Laser eye surgery can improve the vision so that you will see without glasses or contacts at the same level as the best you saw with contacts or glasses. If you have uncorrectable vision or vision possible only at a certain, that will be the best available with lasik.