Does peroneal tendonitis cause snapping or popping of the ligaments?

Yes. Yes, peroneal tendonitis can commonly cause a popping sensation in the lateral ankle along with pain with walking or standing, especially on a surface that is on an incline or is uneven. It may also cause some tenderness on the outside of the ankle along with occasional swelling but this is not always seen.Rest and strengthening exercises often help along with taping of the ankle.Feel better soon!
It can if the--- -tendons are popping out of the groove that contains them. If the retinaculum that covers the tendons in groove @ the tendons & holds them in place in the groove @ the lateral malleolus becomes lax the snap, if continues they can jump the grv & actually dislocate. This U would B well aware of. C Ur orthopedist for hands on xam & recommendations 4 treatment. No good image, sorry. .