Is a evlt procedure painful?

EVLT painful? This treatment for varicose veins can be done without sedation, ivs, etc but typically a numbing solution is injected to "float" the vein in numbing medicine. Those injections are uncomfortable but it is rare for a patient who needs both legs treated to fail to come back for their second leg. I conclude, therefore, that while uncomfortable, most patients don't see this as too troublesome.
Very little pain. Endovenous laser treatment (evlt) is a minor, outpatient procedure that is performed with local anesthetic. It causes little pain, essentially no down time, is well tolerated, and has few complications.
EVLT. "EndoVenous Laser Treatment" or EVLT is a minimally invasive method of treating leg varicose veins using thermal energy from a laser fiber that is inserted into a faulty vein. It is typically performed in a doctors office by a vascular surgeon under local anesthesia. Associated w/ little discomfort (some injections with a small needle) & pain afterword tends to be mild & controlled with ibuprofen.