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I was diagnosed with scabies. They prescribed eurax (crotamiton) cream. I have cyst like lumps with yellowish bloody pus oozing. Worried. Please help!

Scabies. Eurex application would be appropriate for scabies, which is typically intensely itchy. With pus, though, it sounds like you may have a bacterial superinfection. I'd have to see it to be sure, but that sounds a little more involved than just scabies. Not worrisome, just curious.

I'm using eurax (crotamiton) for scabies, when do I stop?

Use as prescribed. It is usually only applied twice, 24 hours apart. The itching of scabies may take a couple of weeks to resolve though.

Been on perm and Eurax (crotamiton) nothing is working scabies outbreak at kids school washed everything in hot water, clorax the whole house now what?

Scabies. I am guessing that you mean you still have itching? This is normal. The medication kills the bug but does not remove it from your skin. The itching persists for several days after the infection is cured.