I live with my mom, but she doesnt really know I do drugs im 19 years of age. I just need help its messing up my social health and I wanna cry alot.?

Visit. Glad that you are reaching out and identifying your concern. This is a vital step on your road to recovery. I would see your doctor as soon as possible. There are crisis lines in your area which can give you support groups. Please don't hesitate to consider talking to your mom so that you can get help. If worsening symptoms you can go to the hospital emergency room if you feel withdrawal symptoms.
Help available. There are many options for help. If you are not interested in working through this - at least right now - with your doctor, consider calling (800) 662-4357 or (800) 262-2463, both are great hotline numbers to start helping you sort through some of the problems you may be facing.