Is etanercept (enbrel) helpful in curing alzeimers disease?

No. Etanercept is not a proven treatment for alzheimer's disease. The studies that reported using perispinal Etanercept in ad were not properly performed and did not provide reliable results. However, there have been studies showing changes in tumor necrosis factor, which is targeted by etanercept, in ad so correctly performed future studies may be helpful.
Tumor necrosis facto. This gets a little arcane, as drugs that suppress tumor necrosis factor Alpha have been injected into the spinal fluid, and temporarily seem to improve cognition, but so does intranasal insulin. These are not cures but potentially attractive areas for research.
No. No, there is no cure for alzheimer's dementia. To lessen the chance of developing alzheimer's dementia, engage in regular physical activity, social activity, and mental activity (crosswords, reading, math, sudoku, etc.), and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Frightening. It's frightening to see that Enbrel (etanercept) is still being offered (privately) to treat alzheimer's dementia with no solid evidence to back up this claim. It was good in theory but bad in practice. Read more...