My pulse rate is normal, but pulse pressure is high. PP is typically around 60 at rest and 70-80 when stressed or after walking. Is this a concen?

Need context. It's hard to determine for your situation. If your pulse rates are abnormal - it lacks clinical context . Fo you have symptoms at your resting rate? Are you on medications like a beta blocker that can affect your heart rate? Remember, we doctors avoid treating numbers- we treat the patient! Try adding more clinical details to your question.
Yes, as function of. the basis. PP a function of heart stroke volume, volume of major arteries & artery elasticity, assuming no leaks. When PP consistently >40 mmHg at rest, sitting, most likely artery walls are stiffer (atherosclerosis) &/or blood also going an additional place, aortic valve insufficiency/leak most common. Examine echo yourself for aortic Ieak. Optimize NMR lipoproteins, HbA1c <5.0%, SBP <120 mmHg.
Interesting: How are you monitoring your pulse pressure? Normal pulse ( heart rate/min ) is 60-100. Pulse pressure is measured using medical equipment.
Yes... Your heart rate seems to be in the normal range. Tachycardia is defined as a heart rate over 100. Less than 60 is too slow. When you exercise or under stress your heart rate normally is higher due to you body response to those. If you are having symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations follow up with your doctor on those.
Pressure vs rate. Hi. My understanding of the term pulse pressure is it is the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure. Pulse rate is the rate of the heart. A resting rate of 60 and a rise to 80 would be expected in the normal heart of someone between 10 and 40 A rise in pulse pressure during exercise is also normal. For example, if diastolic was 70 and systolic 130 (PP of 60) going to 160/90 is OK.