How common is it to take a drug called epogen procrit (epoetin alfa) for kidney damage?

Very common. As the kidneys fail the production of erythropoetin (procrit (epoetin alfa) and epogen) falls off and anemia results.With replacement anemia and transfusion are avoided late stage kidney diease patients get treated with these drugs and almost all end stage renal failure patients. These drugs do nothing for kidney disease, they just fix the anemia.
Weekly. Procrit (epoetin alfa) is usually dosed once a week. Some patients may be able to take it only every two weeks, and in rare instances it can be given monthly.

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How common is to take epogen procrit (epoetin alfa) for kidney?

Depends on stage. In stage 4 and stage 5 (end stage) kidney diseases, Epogen (epoetin alfa) use is common, much more than in lighter stages. Of note, Epogen (epoetin alfa) (procrit) is not taken for kidneys but for anemia caused by kidney disease. Read more...