I had unprotected sex last week, I was 4 days late for my period then I come on why was I late?

Menstrual irregular. Hopefully, you were late because of hormonal shifts from the stress of worrying about pregnancy after unprotected sex and will see a physician soon for contraceptive prescriptions or at least have your partner use a condom from now on. Some stress is best prevented.

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2 months ago was last unprotected sex, 2 regular period since, now late period? With PMS symptoms. Why is my period late?

Can't tell w/o exam. Not all protection methods are 100%, so you can't absolutely rule out pregnancy. PMS symptoms are not unique to pre-menstrual effects and could be part of whatever is delaying your period - ovarian irregularity, for example. It's good that you no longer have unprotected sex. That's a very smart move, but now visit a doctor for an exam and do another smart thing. It'll become part of your style! Read more...