Does drinking a lot of water help me lose weight fast? .Why?

Yes. yes drinking water fills your stomach so you fill full plus it is zero calories. It is helpful to have water to help detox the body and hydrates your cells making them work better But if you drink too much it can dilute your electrolytes out and cause you harm Drink enough I great for your body but do not over due it or you will have problems.
NO. Water is supposed to fill you up and decrease your hunger. It will not make you lose weight faster but you need adequate fluid intake to help keep your kidney and bodily function going. Losing weight is hard work and is done by reducing calorie intake and increasing your caloric expenditure.
Will make you feel. full; however, ultimately your kidneys will excrete it as urine. I suggest a sensible diet, small frequent meals * fist sized) 6-8/day, fiber, fresh fruits,vegetable coupled with high and low burst interval aerobics- water alone: not so much.