I've been lifting heavy weights and I've been told I have a bone spur in my neck could this be the cause of throbbing in my ear.

Possibly. Spurs in the neck may produce problems related to pressure on the spine and associated nerves & blood vessels.In some people,this pain may be referred—that is, perceived as occurring in the head, shoulders, or chest, rather than the neck.Other symptoms may include vertigo (a type of dizziness) or ringing in the ears.Therefore,you should see an ENT for the ear symptoms & your Spine Specialist again.
Possible. Possible since pain can be transfered. Also you should see ENT doctor to be sure that no other problems.
This is possible- depending on the level. U need 2 C a cervical spine specialist and B evaluated. the image is a 3-D reformatted CT od the lumbar spine, similar changes can occur in the C-spine. this is severe, U R early, so get eval.