How can I get rid of drooping eyelids?

Find cause first. See your opthalamologist first to establish a diagnosis and determine the cause. This may be one of the first indications of a serious underlying diseased. In most instances it is generally due to aging and repair will depend on the severity with some requiring a tuck of the muscle and other procedures reattaching the muscle. When the muscle has failed altogether, other muscles may be used.
Yes. Depending on the cause, almost all drooping eyelid can be fixed. The most commun cause is excess skin, next is stretched or detached levator muscle and then there is several more uncommun cause that that your ophthalmologist can rule out. Nevertheless almost all drooping eyelids can be fixed with the right diagnosis.
Drooping eyelids. First the differentiation has to be made clearly between your eyelids drooping i.e., the lid edge covering the pupil or very close to it. If that is not the case it could be excess skin or low lying eyebrows that can give that experience. Once a correct diagnosis has been made then proper treatment can be deterrmined. So see an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist.

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How to get rid of drooping eyelids when tired?

Pray. First, see a doctor to rule out myasthenia or other uncommon diseases. Then, go to plastic surgeon. Read more...
Depend on cause. Drooping eyelid when tired can be due to heaviness of excess skin and fat which is the most commun cause and can be corrected with blepharoplasty. Can also be due to weak levator muscle and myastenia gravis should be rulled out by your doctor. In absence of mg, the muscle can be tightened with surgery to aleviate the problem. Drooping eyebrow can also creat similar situation and can be corrected. Read more...