What are the treatment options for paget's disease?

Two. If the disease is causing pain, bisphosphonates are usually prescribed, although calcitonin has been used and, in my opinion, would be a safer choice.

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What are the treatment options for paget's breast disease?

Options. Paget's can be treated with removal of the nipple-areola area (lumpectomy) followed by radiation or total mastectomy which includes the nipple. Chemotherapy is not usually needed. Hormonal therapy is used if the tumor is estrogen or Progesterone positive.
Mastectomy lumpect. Usually mastectomy (with or without reconstruction is indicated). However, if the paget's is not associated with an invasive cancer - or if the cancer is not very big, a central lumpectomy - removing all of the nipple and areola and a cone of tissue under it may be done. In all of these cases, radiation is indicated and there is still a risk of local recurrence and usually a significant deformity.

Could mastectomy is the only option of treatment for paget"s disease?

For best results. Unfortunately it is diffuse diseases, it involves nipple and areola complex, when this area is removed will be cosmetically unacceptable, and is a aggressive disease are the reasons for mastectomy, although wide resection with good margins possible along with chemo-radiation is possible. It is also easier to reconstruct breast after mastectomy, if needed take a second opinion., discuss.