Is docusate sodium or docusate calcium a better stool softener?

Depends. Since calcium tends to constipate, i'd tend to side with the sodium version. However, people with hypertension who are limiting their sodium intake should probably choose the calcium version. The docusate is the active component; so either version should work. Adding more fiber & fluids to your diet will help keep you regular, too.

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What is the difference between a stool softener like colace (docusate sodium) and a laxative?

Softener vs laxative. There are many different ways to deal w/constipation, starting 1st w/fiber, fluids & exercise. Failing that, stool softeners do exactly that - soften stool, typically by increasing water content. Laxatives OTOH irritate bowel into having a bowel movement. Check out Read more...

How effective are stool softeners (such as docusate sodium)?

Probably okay, but.. Before you contemplate long term laxative dependency, seek medical evaluation--rule out metabolic causes of constipation (e.g. Low thyroid or adrenal conditions), distinguish slow versus normal transit constipation, consider a primary rectal dysfunction that may be treatable with biofeedback, check for structural pathology or extrinsic impingement, or intermittent ileus (e.g. Pseudo-obstruction). Read more...