What causes difficulty breathing after exercise?

Catching up. In a healthy state we consume o2 and produce more co2 during exercise. The "difficulty" breathing we feel, is the need to exhale the co2. Our respiratory drive is tied more to getting out the co2 than getting in the o2. It is an interesting question on why is the body "wired" that way.

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What causes chest pain and difficulty breathing after exercise?

Chest pain. Chest pain, as in angina... Can be chest, arm, neck, wrist... That is the heart can hurt and we feel it somewhere else. We call that an "anginal equivalent". Chest pain, healthy... Is your diaphragm (the big muscle under your lungs that drives your breathing) is "hurting" needing to clear the metabolites of muscle work.
Cp. Most probably exercise induced asthma or coronary artery disease or congestive heart failure or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Needs to be evaluated.

How to quickly treat difficulty breathing after exercise?

Shortness of breath. Some level of shortness of breath is normal after exercise. But if it is disproportinate or dysnea on exertion is not normal. You need work-up to rule out blocks in heart arteries.

What is the definition or description of: Difficulty breathing after exercise?

Many causes. I assume you mean what is the cause. It could be lung problems such as asthma or heart problems to name a few. You need an examination.

Difficulty breathing after exercise like walking up ramp?

Get it checked out. It can be as simple as being out of shape or as difficult as asthma or as dangerous as a heart attack. Find out!

Why do I feel chest pain and have difficulty breathing after exercise now?

See your PCP. Exertional chest pain can be a sign of heart disease. If you have risk factors for cardiac disease: high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes get evaluated asap. Another possibility is asthma. You can develop it at any age. Lastly, it may be simply lack of physiologic conditioning. If however, you've been exercising, with no change in your routine you need to get evaluated asap.
Concerning.. Without knowing you better, it's difficult to say precisely but you should absolutely have yourself check out by your doctor. The symptoms you describe could be heart related.

I am experiencing difficulty breathing (worsened by: after exercise, lying flat, psychological stress) (quality: slow or irregular) (time frame: g...

At your age. Unless you were born with a lung or heart abnormality the symptoms you have are most likely all due to anxiety......A few simple tests (chest x ray EKG) might serve to reassure you! Speak frankly with your Primary Care Provider! Hope this is helpful BE WELL Dr Z.

I am experiencing difficulty breathing (worsened by: after exercise, lying flat, psychological stress) (quality: slow or irregular) (time frame: s...

Question cut off. Obviously - this needs medical assessment. If no underlying medical problem - Find a quiet place. Breath in slowly & deeply through your nostrils. Fill your lungs with air (but not to the point of discomfort). Hold for a count of five then slowly begin to exhale through an open mouth. Repeat at least 12 times, longer if you need to.

I am experiencing runny nose, difficulty breathing (worsened by: after exercise) (quality: slow o...

Sounds like. Airway inflammation, affecting both upper and lower airways, triggered by exercise, you want to see your doctor for evaluation and possible need for medications on daily basis and before exercise, like nose sprays, and bronchodilator inhalers, best wishes.