Is it safe to take wellbitrin xl, buspar, (buspirone) and 5htp together? Trying to help depression/obsessive thinking and anxiety. Thanks!

Possibly. But why aren't you taking a prescription medication instead of 5 htp? When involved in polypharmacology it is much safer to ensure that your prescriber is aware of, and helping to supervise use of all of your medications. Did your medical provider recommend the 5htp?
Great combo. for depression, OCD and anxiety management and no interactions with wellbutrin xl and buspar (buspirone). However, always ask your doctor about anything that seems unclear. Take care.
Not a good mix. There is an increased risk of serotonin when you combine 5-HTP w/ BuSpar (buspirone). That's not a good risk to take unless it is essential and will be carefully monitored by your doctor. Do try to fine another approach - consider a good psychotherapist w/ experience in treating your issues. CBT really can be effective to optimize mediction outcomes. Best!
Yes. It would appear that there are no drug drug interactions with this combination, although 5-HTP is an OTC formulation. It woul dbe best to ask your pharmacist regarding drug drug interactions.