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Does diazepam taken on day interfere with general anasthetic drugs? To make ga last longer or misjudge dose etc?

The regular use. Of diazepam or even alcohol in the past means your liver and metabolic activity are revved up and they have to adjust the dose of anesthesia for your need and the length of surgery as you may wake up from the anesthesia sooner.
Depends on dose. A small valium (diazepam) dose won't make much difference. Taking a lot of valium, ativan, xanax, (alprazolam) or any other sedative changes how your body metabolizes other drugs. Tell your physician anesthesiologist about all meds you take so your anesthesia can be tailored to you. Same is true for alcohol, "recreational" drugs, and over-the counter meds. Honesty is best policy! Good luck--.

Started on diazepam today how long does it take to work struggling with extreme anxiety I am taking for last three weeks 50mg sertraline?

Quick Relief. Diazepam is an anti anxiety drug that usually works right away. It is often used on a short term basis until your other medication starts to work. Talk to your doctor. You may need to increase the dose of your sertraline. The sertraline helps both depression and anxiety. It is usually a long term drug and can take up to 8 weeks to start to work. Hope this helps. Best wishes!

Duefor flexi-sig, 20mg temazepam did nothing last time, doc will prescribe diazepam she said. What dose and how long before should I take? Extreme anxiety

Its up to your doc. Without knowing more about you it would be irresponsible and frankly not possible to determine an appropriate dose for a procedure. In people for whom typical doses aren't adequate we will often bring in an anesthesiologist to control the level of sedation. We don't want to stop your breathing which happens occasionally even with small doses. Pre procedure 5-10mg of diazepam is typical.

I was on diazepam 5mg daily for 8 weeks. I cut the dose in half for 1 week and stopped it 8 days ago. I am not addicted to the medicine. I used post operative but now I feel weird and dizzy. How long does benzo withdrawal last?

talk to your ENT. Valium withdrawal is variable in length and never complete if you've been taking it for prolonged periods (years). In your case the dose was small and period short so you should be back to normal after eight days. It sounds like your symptoms are more likely related to your recent ear surgery and you should see you're ENT surgeon soon.
Diazepam is one. Of the long acting benzodiazepine ;meaning it will stay in your system longer. Withdrawal is severe with short acting benzos like alprazolam. The withdrawal symptoms are dependent on doses and duration. But there is exception to the rule always. The dose you were, the duration, the way you tapered it and stopped it should not put you on withdrawal. You might be psychologically dependent though.
Depends. Usually a slow taper is less likely to cause withdrawal symptoms. It's possible that your symptoms are short lived. Remember it is important that when ever you take a medication (especially a controlled substance like diazepam) it should be prescribed just for you and monitored until he/she see fit to take you off under close supervision.

How long does it take before diastat (diazepam) goes bad?

Expiration of diasta. The best way to determine expiration of Diastat (diazepam) is to check the expiration date on the package. If you cannot determine, ask your pharmacist.

Took one 2mg diazepam pill at 11:30am, by 2pm feeling jittery again. How long to wait before taking more and should I try two pills instead of one?

Drug Addiction. I am sorry to tell you but you are an addict. I mean this in all of the empathy I can muster. That dose is enough to knock a horse out. I believe strongly that you should not be on any drug like diazepam if this is your reaction. I would recommend getting into a drug treatment program or to work with an addiction psychiatrist. The goal is to prevent anxiety not to get sedated when anxious.