Find coping skills in raising a traumatic brain injury adult child now when its only yourself and husband around to helping?

Extra resources . Parenting a special needs child places many demands on you. You may need some help such as respite, specialized therapy for the child and you, a special school with additional resources. Check with your local health department for resources. .
This is very. challenging. Please learn more about services in your area that are available for your child's specific disability. Sometimes it takes a village - because it is simply too much for one person to handle alone. Stay strong and find time to take care of yourself. God Bless.
If your child has. Intellectual Disability, an IQ of 70 or < + impaired social/adaptive, self-help & communication skills from TBI before age 18 . &/ or mental illness, apply to SSA for funding for therapies, respite care, medical equipment & Medicaid. Do the same if the TBI occurred after age 18, if any functions listed above are impaired. Also call your state ADA agency, Vocational Rehabilitation. .
Recommendation. I fully empathize with your dilemma, as this is very stressful and time consuming. Each state should have a Brain Injury organization, which can help, but also State Depts. of Health do have divisions which can guide to some home support programs. Would contact also local government agencies, and medical schools for their advice also.
Hard job. it is physically challenging job, please 1. have some help from the State, local agencies who can assess the situation and offer some specific help that will be suitable based on your specific situation 2. Have mobility devices for moving him the child from one place to another like a scooter 3. lifting help 4. Handicap bathrooms and access ramps.