Pineal cyst. Could it cause MS type symptoms in muscle tightness, strange sensations, fatigue, nerve pain, dizziness, pain behind left eye.?

Unlikely. Most pineal cysts, if remain small, will cause no symptoms at all and are just an incidental finding on imaging. Your multiple symptoms need to be assessed, as many situations could promote your problems. Unlikely to be MS.

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35 male eye twitching, dizziness, face numbness, arm and leg weakness & fatigue, tight muscles MRI clear for MS what are other possibilities?

Asthenia. The other possibilities are anemia, thyroid problem , adrenal cause, connective tissue disease, vitamins, mineral deficiency &hypoglycemia. You have asthenia. The possibility of cancer and anorexia should be sought. Please see your doctor who knows you well. Thanks. Read more...