Are the bumps on my elbow related to my cold sore?

Probably not. You would need an exam to determine the best possible diagnosis for any "bumps" on your elbow, but generally speaking, elbow lesions are not usually associated with cold sores. Best wishes.
Doubtful. Cold sores ( HSV1 virus ) are usually limited only to the mouth and lips. Band like blistering sores on other parts of your body can possible be related to other infections or shingles. It is advisable to get it examined.

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5 yr old son has an itchy bumpy rash, for lack of a better word, on his elbow. It doesn't look very red but bumpy almost like a cold sore. Have pic?

Eczema possibly . The elbow is a common spot for eczema to flare up. If there is a history of eczema, allergies or asthma it increases chance of it being eczema. If there is no concern that it is infected a trial of a low dose over the counter steroid could be tried to see it improves. A follow up with regular provider to go over response to treatment would allow for long term treatment plan. Read more...