How long should my baby nurse?

? The length of time at the breast is not a good indicator of how well the feeding has gone. A baby can spend an hour at the breast, but if the latch is poor, may not have transferred much milk. They could also spend 10 minutes and get all they need. Babies love to hang out at the breast and breastfeeding is so much more than food. I'd stop watching the clock and enjoy the time with the baby.
30-40 minutes. Breastfeeding on average will take about 30 minutes or so. Some may last less and some more. In general newborns with feed shorter amounts of time and progress up to that amount. I like to have moms give me 20 minutes on one side and then finish on the other. This gets baby a good amount of hindmilk which is higher in fat and helps with satiety and weight gain as well as less fequent bms.