My dad's ENT dr. Wants to do an excisional biopsy on his swollen neck lymph node what r the chance of the cancer spreading if he goes forward with it?

Biopsy needed. Biopsy does not cause cancer to spread. A biopsy is essential to establish a diagnosis to guide therapy.
Node. Great question. Often a fine needle aspiration biopsy is done first. If that is inconclusive then the node may be removed. Usually the first step is to get a cat scan to give a better idea as to what it going on.

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My dad is having an excisional biopsy of neck nxt wk. What are the risks? He has a swollen neck lymph node x2mon. Has history of tongue cancer 1/14, afraid

Its best to wait til. you have the biopsy results back, that will tell you really what's going on. Neck biopsies are common and doctors who perform them know to watch out for certain blood vessels. He will be fine with biopsy. Read more...

Is the risk really worth it when the ENT dr tells my dad he needs to have an excisional biopsy on a swollen neck lymph node and possible dissection?

Typically biopsy is. done to determine what's going on, in order to get to lymph node the skin must sometimes be dissected or opened up to find the lymph node. Sometimes fine needle aspirations can be done. But i believe you said your dad had a history of neck cancer, so I would allow the doctors to find out what's going on, biopsies are not typically dangerous. Read more...