Will cordran tape work for wrinkles?

Pathologically... As discussed in a prior answer, an occlusive dressing over a corticosteroid multiplies the concentration of that steroid up to a factor of ten. Cordran tape contains a fluoridated corticosteroid, one of the most potent available. Surgeons or dermatologist generally use this. As with any steroid, it can cause thinning, atrophy, easy bruising of the skin. Caution, stay away from face and neck.
Do not try this. Cordran tape has cortisone. It should not be used on the face as it may cause thinning of the skin, acne and broken capillaries. Treatments that can be useful for facial wrinkles include topical retinol & trentinoin, neurotoxins (botox, dysport, xeomin) laser treatments such as fractionated co2 laser, & others. See a dermatologist who can evaluate your skin and recommend appropriate treatments.