I had a miscarriage in July I had my first period on 9/2 and skipped this month. Home hCG test is negative what could this mean?

Probably all is well. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. It's takes a while for the reproductive system to reset itself after a miscarriage. Consider another pregnancy test if no menses. Usually midcycle affer a relatively normal menses after a miscarriage would be the ideal time to start trying again. It is unlikely that you have an increased risk for another miscarriage - they are very common though. Good luck.
Maybe normal. Many women have some irregular menses following a miscarriage, so I would not be concerned now. Also it is best to give the uterus about 3 months rest before trying to achieve another pregnancy. If your menses remain irregular, please see your gynecologist for further evaluation. Also it is possible that you might be pregnant now even with a negative home test, so see you MD if concerned.

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