What is double chin liposuction?

Double or Turkey. Many people refer to their necks or chins as having a double chin appearance or a waddler (like a turkey neck). The former can be treated with liposuction whereas the latter is best treated with a facelift (although a few individuals use botulinum toxin for this purpose).
Lipo under the chin. Liposuction can be done under the chin. Modern liposuction consts of placing tumescent solution in the area to be treated. This solution consists of lactated ringers or normal saline, reduces pain (using lidocaine) and reduces bruising/bleeding (using epinephrine). Cannula then are used to extract the solution and the fat. Compression garments are used to keep a good contour.
Chin liposuction. Chin or submental liposuction is a minimally invasive technique to define the jawline by removing excess fat and the appearance of a double chin. It can improve the contour of the cervicomental angle and reduce the appearance of a double chin. Risks include bleeding, infection, nerve injury, irregular contour, scarring, and need for revision.
Chin Liposuction. This procedure refers to liposuctioning of the fullness under the chin area. Good candidates for this procedure tend to have very localized adipose tissue with good quality overlying skin elasticity present.
Trying to. Get the fat out of the 2nd chin and transform it into one chin. Laser lipolysis tends to work great in this area.
Chin Liposuction. Chin and jowl liposuction is just like any other liposuction but with shorter instruments. Small incisions are made at chin and both ears then a small cannula is inserted multiple times to remove the fat via suction. Usually bruising and mild discomfort for a week or so. Most patients are very happy with results in 3-4 weeks. Good luck!