What is a cheek augmentation?

Cheek Augmentation. A cheek implant can enhance cheeks by giving them a more prominent and sculpted look and by restoring a youthful fullness to this area. Cosmetic fillers or stem-cell enriched fat grafts can restore volume to this area.
Cheek Augmentation. Cheek augmentation involves either injection of facial fillers, your own fat (liposuctioned from elsewhere on your body), or surgical placement of a custom implant over your cheek bone. The result can produce larger cheeks, particularly along the sides of your face, thereby creating a more heart-shaped or triangular-shaped face. This is cosmetically desirable.
Generally fillers. As we age it is common to lose some volume in our face, including the cheeks. Various fillers are commonly used to restore volume to the cheeks- this is cheek augmentation. Common fillers for this area include restylane, (dermal fillers) juvederm, Radiesse and others. Sometimes one can have their own fat injected in this area. There is also surgical augmentation, which uses various implants.
Cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of the cheeks. Cheek augmentation may be performed in the office via local anesthesia with a variety of facial fillers, such as restylane, (dermal fillers) juvederm, radiesse, or sculptra. Plastic surgery with fat injections, cheek lift, or silicone cheek implant are other options to augment the cheeks.