Hi a bump came up in my daughter left ear, when my wife used a Cotten swab to clean puss came out of it.

Furuncle. It sounds like a small boil infection of folliculitis of the skin in the external ear canal. Cleanse with H2O2 or rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and treat with triple antibiotic ointment. It should heal quickly. Please do not routinely use Q-tips to clean ears b/c can cause trauma. Wax is antibacterial. Just a washcloth on a little finger on the outside is needed.
Ears ears ears. It is probably a small pimple or abscess that she took the head off while cleaning with the qtip. Take a small amount of bacitracin or neosporin and put it on the pimple (bump). Incidentally cotton swabs are deadly weapons, nothing but your own elbow should ever go in your ear or hers!