What should a calf augmentation surgery cost?

Fat grafting works. Fat grafting works and works beautifully and permanently. I have been performing fat grafting for calf augmentation for over 17 years every week and not a single patient lost any of the fat that I transferred. You can see the long term results at www. Drgrossman. Com. The procedure results are very much surgeon and experience related. Good luck from nyc.
Bad operation. Fat grafting does not last and implants give you an abnormal contour and potential complications. I do not recommend this operation regardless of the price.
$5, 000 and up. The price for any procedure is determined by the location in the us, where is the surgery being done, i.e. Hospital, ambulatory center or doctors' office. Type of anesthesia and anesthesia provider, all of these factors play a role in the price determination. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www. Drgrossman. Com.