How can calcitriol deficiency cause osteoporosis?

Calcitriol is VitD. Vitmin d makes calcium absorption possible from the GI tract. Lack of it causes uncalcified bone to grow which is very weak and causes osteomalacia, a metabolic bone disorder. In children the disorder is rickets; adults get weak bones. It is cured by taking vitamin d by mouth.
Take D3 unless...... Take d3 unless your have kidney disease, or take certain anticonvulsants, which will block the formation of Calcitriol (1-25, dyhydroxy d). There are metabolites of d3 that may be helpful, and contribute to the many benefits of d! but without calcitriol, osteoporosis will ensue!

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If vitamin d deficiency is the cause of my premenopausal osteoporosis would taking vitamin d make the bones normal again? I have fractures in my spin

Osteoporosis. You are very young for osteoporosis. Vitamin D is part of what you need. The bones also benefit from Vitamin K, magnesium and many other minerals. It would be very important for you to get in for evaluation to see why you have developed this at such a young age and make sure there is not a reversible cause.

What problems have to do with vitamin d deficiency other than rickets, osteoporosis and osteomalacia?

Malabsorption. Certain malabsorption syndromes can lead to this. Also certain areas in the world who lack essential vitamins. Also people who do not eat a healthy diet. All adults should take 1000 international units of vitamin d daily. Hope this answers your question.

vitamin d deficiency for at least 3 years then got pregnant august 2013 and been breastfeeding 8 months can my osteoporosis be related to this?

Osteoporosis. Regrettably yes but extremely unlikely. If you have had a DXA study was it normal? If not you will need a full osteoporosis work up by a very competent Endocrinologist and Spine Surgeon. Why is this unlikely? Because only 15 women have developed osteoporosis after pregnancy over the past 5 years. See the doctors and I am confident you will be fine and thoroughly enjoy your.