Why does my stomach, breasts and vagina hurt each morning when I wake up?

Could be many. Different conditions. You need a complete physical and will need blood work and other testing. You should start with your gyn as he or she can do an exam blood work and a pelvic ultrasound to start out.

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What causes sharp pains in stomach, breasts, and vagina?

See below. These are symtoms that need to be evaluated thoroughly your physician. He/she will be able to discuss his/her findings and suggest a plan. Read more...

My daughter has her yrly check up and has gotten her 1st period (13 yr) Will they check her breasts and vagina? What will they do if so? Naked? Thanks

Checkup. Part of a yearly checkup, is a full body examination. You should definitely be allowed to stay in the room for that part. Those areas need to be examined as well, but doesn't mean will have to completely naked for the whole portion of the exam. Hope that helps. Read more...