What can I do for brachioplasty scars?

Several things. If your scars are early (less than a year from surgery) massaging firmly can be very helpful. If they are mature and established, massaging would be less helpful. If your scars are thickened and pink they may benefit from topical silicone gel sheeting application, or possibly from injections of a mixture of kenalog (triamcinolone) (steroid) and 5-fu (fluoruracial). Recommend consultation with plastic surgeon.
Silicone Gel/Sheet. Silicone gel with massage or silicone sheet application may help to decrease scar redness and thickness. If this does not help during the maturation phase, kenalog (triamcinolone) can be injected or the specific scar area can be excised and re-closed in a manner to lessen wound tension. Certain lasers can also be helpful to decrease the red pigment in scar.